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Construction Site Security Chicago Il

The recent increase in Chicago's crime rate has forced Illinois businesses to increase their security measures. It has also forced Chicago security guards and the companies that employ them to rethink their tactics and processes. The days of security guards in Chicago nodding off in the corner are drawing to a close. A rise in break-ins, equipment fencing, graffiti and gang initiations have resulted in business losing thousands of dollars in property and opening themselves up to millions in potential liability. Simple deterrents are no longer an effective measure for fending off threats. Security guard companies operating in Chicago must rely on experienced off-duty law enforcement personnel to nullify this type of treat. Solid street experience has proven time and again that when it comes to security guard protection for your organization, people make the difference.

In high crime areas like Chicago, the benefits of using off-duty police officers are tremendous. Protech security guards operating in Chicago and vicinity receive a high degree of police training by their respective departments enabling them not only to effective perform their duties, but perform them within the bounds of the law. Additionally, a formal treat assessment to help understand your weak spots and root causes are absolutely critical. A rigid process in determining the possibility and probability of a security breach occurring coupled with appropriate security plan is the basis for protecting your business in Chicago and suburbs. At the Protech Security Group, this is at the core of what we believe when we deploy security guards in Chicago Illinois as well as any other city.

Security Guards Chicago - Construction Sites

Chicago Construction Site Security by Protech


Chicago construction companies are plagued with security problems. From teenage vandals to equipment theft, construction sites are often wide open targets and cause construction companies in and around tens of millions dollars in looses per year. An average contractor in Chicago experiences over $15,000 of losses per year because of equipment and material costs alone. Just because the building isn't built, doesn't mean it shouldn't be protected. The insurance industry claims that nearly one quarter of all losses reported by construction companies are for equipment loses. Today, construction site thieves are more advanced, better equipped and employ tactics never before seen. With the recession in full swing, fewer construction projects and high unemployment, your equipment looks awfully tempting. At Protech, not only do we employ well trained off-duty officers, we conduct comprehensive security needs assessments and employ technology like "Spot Crime" to ensure your safety and property are always protected. If you need security guards for your Chicago project or your current security company isn't giving your site the protection you demand, give Protech a call for a FREE on-site Security Guard Service Consultation for all of your construction security needs in and around Chicago.

Security Guards Chicago - Special Events

Chicago Special Event Security Guards


In Chicago, event coordinators planning large special events typically underestimate two important components: commercial security and commercial cleaning. Chicagoland’s massive amount of yearly special events makes it a Mecca for uninvited guest making it a logistical as well as security challenge for any organization. There are a multitude of dynamic factors and variables that must simultaneously be planned and accounted for in developing and orchestrating a viable special-event security plan into reality. Both our armed and unarmed security guards will clear and monitor access points, screen for weapons, direct guest flow and provide crowd control and vehicle access to your special event.

Security Guards Chicago - Retail Stores

Chicago Retail Security Guards in the City


Companies in the retail sector need stronger security especially in and around Chicago Illinois. The National Retail Federation's Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO confirmed much of what everyone has speculated on for months. Losses connected with shoplifting, burglary and organized retail crime rings are increasing as the economy drags. Results from the National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) illustrated a rise retail theft for the first time in six years. This translates into a yearly loss of $37 billion. The latest data does not yet take into consideration the 2009 shopping season which by many is expected to boost those figures even further. A simple shrinkage calculation will quickly allow a retail to compute the ROI for security guard services. Here are 7 very basic but proven ways to identify that a shoplifter may be in your store:
  • Spends more time watching the cashier or sales people than actually shopping
  • Wears heavy or bulky clothing/coats even during warm weather
  • Walks with short or unnatural steps, which may indicate that they are concealing lifted items
  • Frequently enters store and never makes a purchase
  • Large group entering the store at one time, especially juveniles. A member of the group causes a disturbance to distract sales staff
  • Takes several items into dressing room and only leaves with one item
  • Seems nervous and possibly picks up random items with no interest

Security Guards Chicago - Strike Security

Chicago Il - Strike Security Guards


Protech security guards can meet both your short and long-term needs when it comes to employments disputes. When turmoil looks like it’s around the corner, having the right blend of force and empathy is crucial in assuring a safe outcome. Quick response, proper planning, logical organization and the right experience is the only way to handle strike situations. Our security guards and officers bring years of crowd control and K9 experience to your facility, and know how to work under pressure. This is why we are consistently called in when disputes arise. We are available 24 hrs and can have guards on your premises the same day. If you're one of of the many Chicago companies that require security guards in Chicago, call us today at 1-877-424-7400 for immediate guard placement or simply to discuss an upcoming event.

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